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Making Social Media Work

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Interesting to hear Martin Sorrell say that whilst social media is fine, you still need advertising to drive people to it. It’s certainly a powerful (and largely free) adjunct but people still need to know and care about your products in the first place before they follow them on Twitter. Sometimes the excitement of getting 100 Facebook [...]

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T/20 Cricket World Cup

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Twenty 20 cricket bears the same relationship to Tests as a 30 second TV commercial does to a cinema epic. As a nation we’ve always led the world in the innovation of our TV spots now we look like being pretty innovative at T20 too.

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21st century Mad Men

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Another beautifully crafted series of Mad Men comes to an end. The only series ever created to accurately capture the atmosphere of an agency, albeit one in the 1960s. (And what a stark contrast to the embarrassment of the recent BBC ‘comedy’ The Persuasionists which unbelievably was written by an adman. Do see Adam Buxton’s [...]

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